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Snowshoe the Peak View Trail Trail

Peak View Trail

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Length: 4.2 miles

Elevation Gain: 750 feet.

The route to the Jeff View Shelter begins from the Upper Three Creek Sno-Park, located right at the gate along Forest Road 16 south of Sisters on the way the Three Creek Lake. Much of this area burned during the Pole Creek fire in 2012. While the fire left little in the way of forest, the views are now expansive and the Three Sisters seem to tower above you on this route. Plus you can take a break in a nice little, three-sided shelter and enjoy some lunch and even a fire if you wish.

Begin your trek out of the south end of the parking area, a little east of the entrance. The route quickly works through some of the last remaining forest and crosses the snow covered road that continues up towards Three Creek Lake and Tam McArthur Rim. You will see a sign marking the snowshoe trail as it heads up the spine of a ridge, jsu tt the right of a forest road. This area can get a little sparse with snow, but be patient, because it will usually deepen soon.

The trail climbs nearly 700 feet in 1.6 miles on its way to the shelter. The trail will wind through forested areas and wide open expanses. Before you know it, you will pop out right at the shelter. This makes a great place a hang out and enjoy yourself. The shelter is usually stocked with firewood and has a nice, wood burning stove in it if you would like to warm up a little.

Once you are full and toasty, head out from the shelter, and head west, towards the mountains. There are a series of loops you can take from here that will lead you back towards the parking area and other a change in scenery. The Jeff View Tie trail continues away from the shelter for 0.6 miles until it intersects with the Nancy’s Loop trail. You could head right here and shorten the loop a little by rejoining the Peak View Trail in just a couple hundred feet, or if you are still up for more adventure, head left at this junction and procede along Nancy's Loop. Turn right and continue along the backside of Nancy’s Loop.

You will come to the intersection of Nancy’s Loop and Warren’s Loop in a quarter mile. As you continue to trudge through this burned landscape, be sure to take in the amazing views, especially of Middle and North Sister that seem close enough to touch. Warren’s Loop proceeds over a small ridge and rejoins the main trail in 0.7 miles. At this final T, head left and trump the final .6 miles back to the Sno-Park.


From Sisters, head south on Elm Street from the middle of town. Stay on Elm as it changes to Three Creek Road and then to Forest Road 16. Upper Three Creek Sno-Park is 11 miles ahead and on the left. The road is gated right at the snow park so you can’t pass it. Just don’t stop at the Lower Sno-Park or you will have to walk further, and who wants to do that.

Things to Know

Passes: An Oregon Sno-Park permit is required November 1 through April 30.

Dogs: Allowed and must be on leash or under voice command at all times.

Usage: Moderate

Open Season: As long as there's snow. This Sno-Park is over 5,000 feet, so it usualy has fairly consistent snowpack.

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