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Hike the Eagle Crest River Walk

Eagle Crest River Walk

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Distance: 3.4 mile

Elevation Gain: 200 feet.

Eagle Crest is a resort community located just west of Redmond that contains many of the amenities one would expect from a vacation paradise. Three gold courses, five pools, a spa, sports centers, restaurants. The list goes on. It is also located along the canyon rim of the Deschutes River and offers a fantastic hiking trail down into the canyon and along the river that is open to anyone. This is a great, close by, off season destination to stretch the ol’ legs.

The easiest place to begin you hike, if you are not staying at the resort, is from the North Trailhead. There is a large gravel parking area intermixed with some juniper trees. Look for a sign directing you to the hiking trail at the back end of the parking area.

Follow the trail as it begins heading down the draw the contains the second hole of the resort course. The trail can be fairly steep here as it quickly descends towards the river. Soon, you will come to a fence that the trail will follow right behind the green. Watch out for poorly placed golf shots and you mosey towards the river.

You will hit the Deschutes right across the river form Cline Falls State Park. You will find some old pumps and other machinery here, but will soon move past and find yourself strolling along a scenic river canyon. If you couldn’t catch a glimpse of the occasional house on the canyon rim, you would forget your just outside of town.

Follow the trail as it hugs the river along the canyon bottom for the next mile. Here, you will reach a junction with a trail that drops down from the East Trailhead. There is a nice picnic bench set up along the river if you would like to picnic as well. If you’re wanting to make a loop out of the hike, and cut it short, you can head up here and follow the trail along Falcon Crest road back to the North Trailhead. Otherwise, continue on!!

It’s only another half a mile until the official end of the Eagle Crest River Walk. There are a number of decisions you can make. If you’re having the time of your life, there are user trails that continue down river for quite a ways. If you enjoyed the scenery of the canyon and are ready to head back, just march on back the way you came. Or if you are someone the craves loops and don’t mind walking on roads and by condos, you can follow the trail up the canyon here towards the South Trailhead.

If you opted for the loop, once you reach the trailhead, make a right on the road and follow it to an intersection. Make a right on Redtail Hawk drive and follow the road until you reach a 4-way intersection. You will have to go by a gate on the road to do this, but it’s fine. Once at the intersection, hop on the walking path by making a left onto Falcon Crest Dr and follow it back to the rodeo grounds. You will find a trail just before the fenced off area that will take you right back to your car.


To reach the North Trailhead of the Eagle Crest River Walk from the north, head south on the Cline Falls Highway, located 3 miles west of Redmond. Make a left into the Resort Area of Eagle Crest after following Cline Falls Road for 1.1 miles. If you are coming from the south, Cline Falls Road for 9 miles north of Tumalo before making a right into Eagle Crest.

Once in the resort area, follow Falcon Crest Drive for 0.3 miles. You will go straight through the first 4-way stop and then make the next left. The paved road will veer to the left, but keep right along the edge of the rodeo grounds as the road turns to gravel. After just 0.2 miles, you will find yourself in a large gravel parking area. The trail leaves out of the back, right end of the trailhead.

Things to Know

Passes: No passes are requried.

Dogs: Allowed and must be on least or under voice command at all times.

Usage: Moderate

Open Season: Open and accessible all year.

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